Dec 28, 2011

Time to Merge

Up until now, I have tried to maintain two separate blogs - one focusing on my journey in the Orthodox Church and another dealing with everyday events in my life. The former was initiated several years ago and the latter only this year.

Initially, when I was considering and reading about the Orthodox faith, there were no grandchildren and my husband and I were being led away from our Evangelical roots. My searching and discovering took up much of my time, and I felt the need to put down some of my thoughts and experiences from the journey. The result was my establishing the Narrow Pathways blog.  

In the past year, my lifestyle has changed rather dramatically, and I found it necessary to work on living out my faith in my current, very busy and often unpredictable situation. Therefore, as in my personal life, I feel it is time to merge these two blogs into one, since there are so many things that seem to overlap. So I have moved to my other blog - Two Harvests - where I will be sharing life events as a mother and grand parent in addition to reflections on the Orthodox faith as I continue to learn and grow. I invite you to visit sometime!

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