Jun 29, 2007

Whose Time is It?

“Living is what we do with God’s time, what we do with God’s world.” – Rabbi Abraham Heschel.

We think of time as “ours” to do with what we want. Books are written on how to more efficiently use your time, how to make more time, and how to redeem the time. All these are based on the assumption that time is ours to use and change. We are deceived. Creation is the Lord’s and, likewise, so is the time given to us. If time were ours, then we would be in control of when it begins and ends. The Almighty One is the only One who knows these things. So, as I begin a new day today, You have reminded me that I must look to You to know how to spend your time. Think of an ambassador in a foreign country. His native country sets aside a segment of time (months, years) for the ambassador to accomplish the tasks given him. The ambassador is not free to do whatever he wants. Likewise, the time I am given each day is not mine to claim; I must look to the “Time Giver” for instructions and guidance. Does this sound like slavery? We are slaves, but our service to our Master will bring tremendous joy and freedom. Just one of many paradoxes in the Christian life!

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