Aug 22, 2007

Believing is Seeing

“You can’t take it with you” is a common adage that we have heard and used over the years, and everyone understands its meaning. Nothing material can squeeze through the portal of eternity. What is not pointed out is that there is something of infinite value that you can take with you – your relationship with the God of the universe. But that relationship must be nurtured and tended and honored in this life in order for it to grow and become the greatest treasure of all. If you had the choice of taking nothing with you or taking something of unequaled value, which would you choose? Seems like a no brainer. However, many people continue to think of life as a gamble – you don’t really know what the outcome is, you can’t be sure of your final destiny, so why not enjoy this world as much as possible, in case eternity (or the lack of one) turns out to be a big disappointment. At least I haven’t wasted my time here on earath!

Why do we minimize the reality or importance of those elements in the universe which we cannot see, touch, feel or taste? We don’t deny the existence and power of the wind, ocean currents, gravity, black holes, heat, etc. Ever been in a life threatening situation and afterward sensed that some presence was protecting you from harm? What about rounding a corner in the Rocky Mountains only to see a breath taking view of a valley exquisitely framed by snow-capped mountains? Awe and wonder wash over you. What if the most powerful, the most significant, the most important forces in the universe are those that are invisible? How would you live your life differently?

“…don’t focus on, don’t become obsessed with, don’t give all your time and energy to what perishes, even if you need it for this present life.,, The Bread from Heaven, the Living Water, the divine words that will not pass away, and our relationship with God—which is the only thing we will take with us when we die—must be where our most focused and sustained attention abide, the goal of our best efforts.” – Abbot Joseph

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