Aug 31, 2007

I'm Almost Finished

Let me just admit it. I don’t like things that are unfinished. It seems that 90% of my daily activities involve trying to complete something – laundry, a transcription, a manual, finances, running errands, etc. Then there are the activities that span, not just hours or days, but years – college, child raising, marriage, paying off a 30 year mortgage, etc. Sure, we have milestones. We breathe a sigh of relief and then…move on to the next project. Since so much of our time is spent in activities, we begin to believe that our identity is linked with them. Acquaintances look forward to and plan for their retirement – buying that lake house, sleeping in, reading the entire newspaper, playing a round of golf. A year later, they are bored and feel overwhelmed by a sense of worthlessness. So where is true fulfillment?

"Life always ends before it's finished" (Walter Ong SJ). Here is the bigger picture. Our life does not consist of just the few short years here on this earth. We were made for eternal life. The life that we will live after death is incomparable to the few generations spent here. Doesn’t it make sense to spend more time thinking about that life than this short span of time? What if we were to look at this earthly life as a preparation for the life ahead? Begin living like the citizen that you will become. Need an instruction manual? It’s all spelled out in God’s Word. Instead of frantically trying to complete everything in your lifetime, look at everything as a training ground for what lies ahead. Nothing is wasted and you are investing in the future.

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Allen Long said...

It's almost finished. . . reminds of the eternal completion "It's finished!" Our completions are just the dimmest reflections of His!